Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 86, Good Advice

I was weighing in at the gym yesterday and bumped into one of the top trainers. Her name is Terry and she's a world class female bodybuilding competitor. Terry trained my wife for a month a few years ago and while I don't normally visit much with her I took the opportunity to ask for some advice. I mentioned I've stalled or "plateaued" even as I'm disciplined on the diet and religious about the gym.

She told me to quit weighing myself and only visit the scale twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday and right as I wake up. She told me her obese clients, those defined sporting a BMI of 40-50% are told to expect to lose no more than one pound per week. As a body builder her emphasis is more on weight training or anaerobic exercise.

Muscle cells weigh twice what fat cells do so the better measurement for her program is how your clothes fit and how you look, not what the scale says.

I want to weigh less, period so I'm contemplating, at least until I hit my goal weight, backing off heavier weights and moving strictly to light weights/rapid sets, speed bag, abs and walking towards a more aerobic point of view. Keeping in mind I have no real use of my knees for running or stair stepping and with no pool available true aerobic exercise is tough.

I have almost 8 pounds to go before my birthday near the end of this month and I need to shake things up...

5:30 Egg white (2)/spinach/turkey chorizo (1.5oz)/brown rice(1/8 cup) mixed in a pan = 150 calories.
9:00 1/2 turkey sandwich on one slice of whole wheat 150 calories.
11:00 4 oz roasted turkey 150 calories.
12:45 Protein shake, pre-gym workout 110 calories. (560)
2:30 2 tablespoons of peanut butter 190 calories.
6:00 Big salad w/Chicken/butter lettuce/cucumber/carrots/avocado and a light vinaigrette 400 calories.
9:00 1/2peanut butter sandwich w/ 1 tablespoon peanut butter and 1 slice of whole grain bread 200 calories.

1,350 calories less 300 calories burned in two (2) workouts at the gym today = 1,050 net calories today.


  1. Aerobics are the key. I'm glad you talked with the trainer about that. Getting on the scale only twice a week is a sound idea too. I truly believe that if you switch to a gym that has a pool you will see huge weight loss with the nutrition plan you're on. Keep up the good work. It really is showing!

  2. thank you for the support and readership Frank. The log indicates you are the only one reading this, LOL.
    I appreciate it. Yes, I need to swim that is why I need to move to somewhere outside Chechnya, California.