Friday, January 6, 2012

No Takers

I started this effort 3 months ago and it is working but it is very hard to lose weight. The remaining weight I have to lose will take time to shed and I know what I have to do.

I hoped that when I began this blog project that I would find someone that would catch the weight loss and healthy eating bug. Of all the fat people I know no one took interest except my brother Frank who is very fit and does eat the right foods.

Ultimately weight loss is a personal choice and it is a personal journey but support is a huge part of any serious weight loss effort. I am thinking about joining Jillian Michaels system where support is built in to the program.

Thanks Frank for your support and comments. Whether I record this stuff or not you will always be there with a good word and I appreciate that.

*I will not delete the blog. The ultimate goal here is seeing how I look compared to the image on the right. With hard work and diligence I should be able to drop another 30 pounds by July. It will be tough!! Losing fat is harder than surviving life threatening illness or recovering from serious surgical operations. I can say that from experience.


  1. Remember that when the weather turns colder your body wants to hold onto weight as an insulator. That makes it harder to lose weight in the winter. (period) Don't get discouraged if it doesn't drop off as fast during the cold months. Healthy eating and exercise will win the fight against the cold. As the weather turns warmer the pounds will most likely fall off quickly...

  2. And Stacee and I are watching what we eat more now and you are to thank for that. There have been takers but most won't post comments. Your effort has helped a lot of us!!

  3. I am not stopping the logging of meals because I've quit. I quit the daily blogging because none of the fat asses I know, or don't know did not join in. It's not even that they did not join in even as much as they never even visited the site, not one word of encouragement, except you and a comment from Loreen early on. Analytics told me you were the only reader of 95% of the 88 posts. Some days not even one reader. Talking to the wind. I have learned definitively my fat friends and relatives will always be fat and that is sad. I see how they eat and I see how they live. I cannot reach them, can't even get them to take a look... I am happy about you and Stacee, you two are different, smarter.
    I will not toss this site. I have images to compare.
    For the record I am proud of moms weight loss and I applaud Loreen and Dan's dramatic progress.

  4. I hope you'll continue to show some of your meals on Facebook. And this blog has been pretty fun to follow but with a new job I probably wouldn't have had time to read it starting next week anyway. This was a good case study, non-the-less. Good job on your efforts.