Monday, January 2, 2012

Long Journey Ahead in 2012

I am eating less than 1,500 calories net every day for the past 84 days and have lost close to 30 pounds. I am definitely at a plateau and have been stuck here for a couple of weeks. This is not a deterrence to my overall effort at all. Eating fewer calories and making healthy calorie choices is better for my body. So I'll keep this routine and maintain the push at the gym. Eventually the weight will come off.
Documenting my meals is very important because I know if I eat something bad I have to report it, publicly. Without this format, at this point I am more likely to let myself slip and that would invite failure.

7:00 Protein shake 110 calories.
9:00 1/2 turkey sandwich, one slice of whole grain bread, 2 oz turkey breast/lettuce/tomato/non fat mayo 175 calories.
11:00 Other half of the sandwich 175 calories.
4:30 Soup. Home made chicken meatball/mushroom/fideo pasta/spinach in a NO sodium vegetable broth base.  200 calories maximum.
7:30 Bowl of Special K Cereal with blackberries and raspberries and low fat milk, 250 calories.
9:00 Two tablespoons of peanut butter 190 calories.

1,100 calories less 200 for the workout = 900 net calories for the day.


  1. Keep doing what you're doing. You will get through this plateau. Continue your journey with this certainty. You are kicking some serious butt!

  2. Thank you Frank. I m not quitting. This is my way of life now. I'd be turning my back on all I've learned to this point if I did. Might as well do heroin or take up a crack pipe, same thing as eating fast food, soda's and simple carbs.